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Blackwater I: The Flood

The mysterious saga of the Caskey family begins ...

A devastating flood brings a strange and beautiful visitor to the small, sleepy lumber town of Perdido, Alabama.

Elinor Dammert's arrival will forever change the town and the wealthy and powerful Caskey family.

James, who dotes on Elinor like a second daughter ...

Sister, who pines for Elinor’s strength and independence...

Oscar, who loves Elinor and determines to build a life with her ...

And matriarch Mary-Love, perhaps the only person in Perdido with an inkling of Elinor’s true power and purpose.

For Elinor is more than she appears, and she brings to Perdido — and to the Caskeys — a deadly, inexplicable otherness from which no one can ever be safe.

Entire series available now, individually or together:

Blackwater I: The Flood

Blackwater II: The Levee

Blackwater III: The House

Blackwater IV: The War

Blackwater V: The Fortune

Blackwater VI: Rain


BLACKWATER: The Complete Caskey Family Saga


Blackwater I: The Flood - Cover ImageBlackwater by Michael McDowell