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The Forsaken Boy

A werewolf novel by Troy Tradup

Freak, they call him. Weirdo. Queer. Tonto. Redskin.

People have tormented Brandon Turner his entire life. For eighteen years, he’s been abused, humiliated, ostracized — hated.

Maybe it’s his shabby clothes. Maybe it’s the bruises on his arms or the haunted look in his eyes. Or maybe it’s some essential, unexplainable difference hidden deep inside. Not quite white, not quite Indian, and soon now ... not quite human.

Because Brandon is about to walk a lonely country road and discover a hunger he’d never imagined.

By the light of the next full moon, Brandon will reintroduce himself to the town that’s always hated him.

And the survivors will have to think up other names for him now ...

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The Forsaken Boy, a werewolf novel by Troy Tradup