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Blackwater V: The Fortune

The mysterious saga of the Caskey family continues ...

Already the most powerful family in Perdido, the Caskeys will soon experience success beyond their wildest imaginings.

But prosperity comes with a price, and in the end even the Caskeys must pay.

One woman will risk everything to rid herself of the dreams she once begged for …

Another will make herself brutal in business and even more unyielding with the family that loves her ...

And a third will finally confront her mysterious and terrible otherness as she faces marriage and motherhood and the relentless pleading call of the dark river …

Entire series available now, individually or together:

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Blackwater II: The Levee

Blackwater III: The House

Blackwater IV: The War

Blackwater V: The Fortune

Blackwater VI: Rain


BLACKWATER: The Complete Caskey Family Saga



Blackwater V: The Fortune - Cover ImageBlackwater by Michael McDowell