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Blackwater III: The House

The mysterious saga of the Caskey family continues ...

Elinor Caskey's daughters, Miriam and Frances, have grown up next door to one another but separated by a veritable ocean of differences.

Miriam is spoiled and doted upon by her grandmother Mary-Love, while Frances is entirely Elinor's little girl ... with all the mystery and otherness such a legacy entails.

As the Great Depression begins, the Caskey family grows ever more wealthy and powerful, and the enmity between Elinor and Mary-Love grows ever more deadly.

An unwelcome visitor makes the fatal mistake of attacking the Caskeys and then seeking escape across the dark river ...

Oscar begins to suspect that Elinor is hiding secrets he can never hope to fathom ...

And Mary-Love finally realizes the true and terrible extent of her adversary's overwhelming power ...

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Blackwater III: The House

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BLACKWATER: The Complete Caskey Family Saga



Blackwater III: The House - Cover ImageBlackwater by Michael McDowell