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Blackwater II: The Levee

The mysterious saga of the Caskey family continues ...

Through a startling sacrifice, Elinor has finally managed to wrench her husband Oscar away from his powerful and demanding mother, Mary-Love.

But Mary-Love Caskey is not one to relinquish power easily, and she knows precisely the revenge that will hurt Elinor most.

As work begins on the levee that will block Elinor's beloved river from view, the two women battle for control of the Caskey family and perhaps the very soul of the town itself.

A strange child is born and baptized secretly in the dark waters of the Perdido River ...

A lonely spinster turns to dark magic that will haunt her for the remainder of her life ...

And a damaged boy goes for a walk in the moonlight and encounters something beyond his wildest nightmares ...

Entire series available now, individually or together:

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Blackwater II: The Levee

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Blackwater IV: The War

Blackwater V: The Fortune

Blackwater VI: Rain


BLACKWATER: The Complete Caskey Family Saga



Blackwater II: The Levee - Cover ImageBlackwater by Michael McDowell