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Blackwater IV: The War

The mysterious saga of the Caskey family continues ...

A family war has ended, but a world war is about to begin – one that will prove yet another boon to the wealthy and powerful Caskey family.

As lumber orders pour in from the war effort, the Caskeys seem at times almost preternaturally charmed.

But secrets flow about the family as well, treacherous as the murky waters of the Perdido River.

A secret hidden deep in the woods, discovered by two young soldiers on their way to the war …

A secret revealed in the waters of a nearby lake, far more dangerous than the alligator that sometimes swims there …

And soon Elinor Caskey will reveal the biggest secret of all – the secret that will change the Caskey family forever …

Entire series available now, individually or together:

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Blackwater IV: The War

Blackwater V: The Fortune

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BLACKWATER: The Complete Caskey Family Saga



Blackwater IV: The War - Cover ImageBlackwater by Michael McDowell