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Winter Wolves

A novel by Earle Wescott

The past is never dead, says Faulkner; it’s not even past.

Reporter Fran Thomas discovers the truth of this for himself when he returns to the small Maine town of his youth.

The town drunk meets a grisly death that Fran sees in his dreams...

A young biologist makes the discovery of a lifetime, with dire consequences...

Ghostly howls echo across icy winter nights as long-buried family secrets ripple forth from past to present...

What is Fran to make of the mysterious wolf-eyed Lilith who visits him in his dreams?

What unfathomable secrets lie hidden within the heart of the beautiful but remote woman he falls in love with?

And what unforgivable crime is suddenly loping out of the darkness, racing across time and history, scrabbling at Fran with razor-like claws and steel-trap jaws?

Publishers Weekly says: Wescott dares to venture into Stephen King territory and pulls off an impressive first novel. This engrossing mixture of the mundane (the beauty of a Maine winter) and the inexplicable (a scientist's final photos) leads to the chilling climax. Wescott should be watched.

Booklist says: Winter Wolves is an unsettling novel, heightened by the understated evocation of the deaths and the unexpected elegance of the writing.

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Winter Wolves by Earle Wescott

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